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I apply my passion for technology and business through product management and business development. I enjoy developing new products and growing them. I've founded several businesses as an entrepreneur and most recently was responsible for managing and growing technology products at used by tens of millions of customers daily.

Sean Callahan
Sean Callahan pictured above.

Business professional, small business owner, volunteer, moviegoer, music lover, photographer, runner, technology enthusiast, and world traveler.

Born and raised in San Diego, Sean Callahan resides in the tiny beach community of Solana Beach with his family. Over his lifetime, Sean has been a big advocate of education as it has played an instrumental role in his business success. Sean graduated from California State University of San Marcos with a Bachelor of Science degree in High Technology Management, and later obtained an MBA while studying abroad at London Metropolitan Business School.

He spent the last five years of his career at within several business groups including Amazon Drive, Login with Amazon (LWA), and Amazon Rekognition in leadership roles as a Sr. Product Manager and Sr. Business Development Manager. Sean focused on making product improvements, launching new products, and growing each of them through business development efforts. While at, Sean embraced the company’s leadership principles and used them every day to talk through ideas for new projects and determining the best approach to solve a problem. Sean continues to embody these leadership principles and uses them every day in his work.

Most proud of his startup Plixi, Sean founded the real-time photo-sharing platform in 2009 while studying abroad in London. All within 18-months, Sean led the company as CEO to shape the product and raise $2.6 million in venture capital to scale the growth of the business from just an idea to over 30 million monthly users before negotiating a $10 million acquisition. In 2014 his startup RapidEngage was acquired by Seattle-based online research company QuestionPro. Previously, Sean founded AddsYou, OBEY Clothing, Self Skateboards, and several other Internet-based businesses. These real-world experience forced Sean to learn everything about running and managing a successful business.

Over the past 10 years, Sean has generously volunteered his time with faculty and business students at his alma mater, California State University of San Marcos, and continues to mentor dozens of young entrepreneurs within the community. Currently, Sean is developing new consumer products by utilizing his entrepreneurial, product management, and business development expertise through Solana Beach Labs, his latest venture.

Skills & Expertise

Product management, product strategy, product launch, business development, strategic partnerships, project management, leadership, communication, SQL, and agile.


The Startup Field Guide: Mistakes To Avoid, Tips To Get Ahead

Startup Field Guide
Startup Field Guide cover pictured above.

Thinking about launching a startup? Have an idea you want to succeed? In his book, Sean shares the priceless insight he has gained over the years on what it takes to lead a growing startup. In basic, no nonsense terms, he advises budding entrepreneurs with tips and tricks to succeed at finance, marketing, sales, leadership, hiring, firing, business development, product management, and more. Go into your venture with your eyes wide open.

Released in 2013 as a paid e-book, the Startup Field Guide: Mistakes To Avoid, Tips To Get Ahead has been downloaded thousands of times across the web since inception. Sean has recently made the e-book free for download to help as many entrepreneurs as possible. Grab your free copy below and make sure to leave a review once you've read the book.

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You can reach Sean by phone at (760) 456-7468 or by sending him an email.